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Is the Groupon through the range?

No the Groupon is through me and not the range, I a independent of the range.

How young can a person start?

This is a difficult decision.  It depends on maturity and strength.  They need to be able to follow directions and not play around.  Also they will need to be able to lift and swing a 6lb gun 50 times over a two-hour period. 


Which range should I choose?

If you are experienced then either range will work great.  They both have a fun section and a back section that is challenging.

For new shooters I would recommend Silvercreek.  I am able to start people off with a really easy target to build confidence and work on the basics.  

Which range can I use my Groupon at?

You can only use the Groupon at Silvercreek.  They are located at 6852 Quailrun Cir. Kiowa, CO 80117

Suggested Ammo Please see my suggested Ammo page

Do I bring my own targets?  Please do not bring targets.  The targets are already loaded on electric machines.  You will pay the club member rates for targets.

I have never shot a shotgun before   That is not a problem.  I have a system that will help you get started.  I am also a very encouraging instructor.   Quailrun has a target for beginners to get started.

Can I bring my own gun?  Yes please.  I have loaner guns available but, I would prefer you shoot the gun you own as long as it is in good working order.  No rusted or pitted guns.

Do I need a Hunter Safety card?  No you do not need to take a hunter safety class.  We will not be hunting. 

Who is my instructor  Your instructor is Dean Blanchard.  Just ask for him in the Clubhouse

Can I just show up?  NO you must make an appointment.


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