Suggested ammo. Is light target. 

Generally 12 for men and 20 for women and kids (2 boxes per person) 

Shot size 7.5 or 8

12ga 1oz or 1/18 between 1150 and 1200fps no faster than 1250. I prefer slower.  The heavier and faster the shell the more the recoil.  


The 100 pack (That is 4 boxes) of Federal from Walmart is ok.


20ga no heavier than 7/8 at or near 1200fps no faster than 1250. 

The speed and weight should be on the top of the box. 

The club also sells shells that I like. 

Most newer shooters are tired after 2 boxes. Experienced shooters can go through more. 

Shotgun instruction class suggested ammo
suggested ammo for  shotgun class
Shotgun instruction suggested ammo